1. Mallory, In addition to whispering in your ear…sometimes God puts His thoughts in your gut. Listen to your gut:) Be who you are meant to be…not who others think you should be!

  2. As someone who travels for work and for volunteering and other things you have put into words what I have struggled to identify. It is hard coming home and people don’t seem to understand that feeling. Hope things get easier for you and your adventures continue!

  3. So true! So true ! Mel! I totally relate to it! I lived
    In Saudi Arabia for almost two years and travelled
    Through Middle East! The experience left a forever mark in me and can only share with those who travels
    And understand! I love airport and talk to random
    People … Your conclusion is right! We all have
    Different life experiences…… Keep showing interest
    And listening to others will continue to broaden our horizon! Love your blog! I totally echo your perspective!

  4. I think the Benjamin Button quote really makes a great point, sometimes you have been away from home for so long, that it becomes virtually impossible to be at home again, or let’s just say home is not home anymore. I have followed your adventures for the last few months, perhaps it is time to write a travel book.

  5. This is making me so not want to come back home 😛

    I’m definitely afraid of slipping back into the person I used to be, and that it won’t help when my friends and family assume I’m that same person. On the other hand, it is EXTREMELY astute of you to realize–obvious as it is–that they haven’t exactly been static, either. Change happens to everyone. Although if we’re being honest, the kind of change that you and I have gone through while on the road is different than our friends who stayed home and worked did.

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