1. Carol. Van Waarde

    Mal, I love the way you process your thoughts and experiences. You make your mom and dad proud!

  2. Rosemary Christensen

    Mallory, YOU make my heart happy. It’s a good thing to see worlds I know nothing about, through your eyes! I am equally inspired, wowed, fearful and impressed. Thank you for your blog updates! I love a fresh perspective!

  3. Nicole

    You’re truly an inspiration. A ray of sunshine on this Earth :) You go, gal!

  4. Julia Fuchslueger

    Mal, I really enjoyed reading your blog. what you are doing is very impressive and brave. THIS is the right way to explore the world with all it’s facettes, without neglecting the not-so-funny and sad sides. Keep us updated!!

    1. Author

      Julia – thank you! Still hoping to swing by Vienna at some point to see you. Hope you are doing well. :)

  5. Piet Van Waarde

    Mal, I do love how you write – you have such a rich way of expressing yourself. Your blog was worth the wait!


  6. Meg Wang

    Mallory, I’m so glad you are learning so much. I love to read your descriptions of these wonderful places! What is that beautiful building with the spires called?

  7. Kitty Kok

    Mallory, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! What an inspiration you are to many! Keep the writings going, dear girl. Sending you my love and hugs from afar! Your Oma!

  8. Nancy White

    I am so proud of you for your adventuresome spirit and your pursuit in making a difference!

  9. Linda Karl

    Mallory – I enjoyed reading your blog and joining your adventure again as you develop it into passion and purpose. So glad you found Toxic charity before you headed out so you could plug in appropriately. Be safe!

    1. Author

      Linda – Amazing book. It completely changed the way I thought about donating/time money to those in need. Have you read “When Helping Hurts”? That’s next on my list!

  10. Marc Strid

    Your travels guided by your direction in life is both fascinating and inspiring! Debbie and I look forward to your updates and you will be in our prayers. Godspeed.

  11. Mish

    I love your process – your way of thinking things through and the actions you take. You will always make a difference wherever you go. Thank you for sharing.

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