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My things are packed away in boxes. My car is sold. Two hours ago I said goodbye to my two biggest fans (mom & dad). Now I’m sitting at a Potbelly’s on my layover in Washington D.C. listening to Lord Huron and I’m feeling pretty normal. Normal isn’t exactly what I expected. There was one word that popped into my …

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How I Prepared for Long-Term Travel

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  If I’ve learned one thing in the past couple months, it’s that extended travel requires a bit more preparation than short getaways. You have to consider things like your bank account, cell phone and travel insurance, which are easy to write off if you’re only gone for a few weeks. By no means do I consider myself a long-term-work-and-travel …

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My Year to Live Differently

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If you are reading this post, you’re probably aware that I quit my job to travel the world. On March 20th, I’m boarding a plane to travel solo for five months. I’ve always harbored a deep desire to see the world, but this time I’m not just traveling. I’m experimenting with the idea of location independence, which I define simply …